Magic Years

Nursery & Junior Wobbler

Welcome to our Nursery and Junior Wobbler room, we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for babies aged 6-18 months. Our experienced staff understands the unique needs of this age group and works hard to create a safe and comfortable space for our little ones to grow, learn, and explore.

In Magic Years we recognise that transitioning a baby from a home environment to a Early Years setting can be a daunting experience for both child and parent. This is why we place a lot of emphasis on the child’s induction and forming a nurturing relationship with your baby

During the child’s induction week parents are encourage to stay for periods of time with their child in the Nursery. This allows parents to become acquainted with all the practitioners that will be caring for their baby. It also allows the parent ample opportunities to discuss the child’s needs and preference regarding their daily routine

Daily Routine :

"Both of our children started at 10 months old in Magic Years. It’s absolutely a home away from home. The staff are extremely dedicated, professional and kind. The kids go over to the Ladies each morning and don’t look back. The peace of mind we have knowing the level of care they receive when we both work full time is so important to us. There is a huge sense of community and we trust them completely. Cannot recommend highly enough."