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ECCE stands for the Early Childhood Care and Education program, which is a government-funded initiative aimed at providing free preschool education to children aged between 2 years and 8 months up to 5 years and 6 months. NCS, on the other hand, stands for the National Childcare Scheme, which is a government initiative aimed at providing financial support to families for their childcare costs.

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Safety and Well-being

Providing a safe and secure environment is essential to ensure that children can learn, explore, and grow without harm.

Interactive Learning

Play-based learning, with a focus on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, helps children develop essential skills and knowledge.

Nurturing and Responsive Staff

Our staff can recognize and respond to your child's needs, interests, and strengths, and can effectively communicate this with parents.

health & Nutrition

Providing healthy meals, regular physical activity, and opportunities for rest and relaxation are crucial aspects of childcare.