A Garden Makeover for Year-Round Outdoor Fun

Exciting news! Our garden’s getting a makeover🌳We are planning to refurbish and extend the soft pour area located at the back of the property. We will also remove the grass and fit with artificial grass, ensuring year-round outdoor fun. Unlimited access to adventure, come rain or shine.

26th October Trick or Treat for sick children

On the 26th of October both Magic Year’s services will be hosting Trick or Treat for sick children. All donations will be given to Children’s Health Ireland to help fund life-saving equipment in their children’s hospitals.

Baking & Cooking in Beechlawn House

Baking & cooking in Beechlawn house coming soon. We recently installed a new oven in Beechlawn children will now be able to fully explore their love of cooking and baking 🙂