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Magic Years is a family run business with strong local connections to our neighbourhood. We have successfully managed to develop our child care service over a 30 year period in a measured way using a hands on, child centred approach.

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At Magic Years we endeavor to provide a home from home child hood experience. The proprietors and management allow a fair degree of autonomy to our trusted staff, while at the same time taking an active part in all aspects of the business. We operate an ‘open door’ policy with our parents and encourage regular contact either by phone or visits to the Créche. We would encourage our parents to come and visit us regularly to discuss progress or concerns they may have. Rearing children is a continuous learning process. By regular consultation with parents we would hope to learn more about the child’s individual needs and on occasions offer some sound advice. Our paramount regard is for the welfare of the children in our care. We adopt a child centred approach in which the children feel comfortable and safe in a happy and stimulating environment. We strive to help young children develop their social, physical, emotional, intellectual potential in order that they be equipped to enjoy the benefits of life to the fullest and that they respect the rights and needs of other fellow human beings.
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