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Magic Years is a family run business with strong local connections to our neighbourhood. We have successfully managed to develop our child care service over a 30 year period in a measured way using a hands on, child centred approach.

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Toddler Group

Magic Years provides a full time and part time service for Toddler children ranging in age from 2 years to 3 years.

Children are generally ready for this group when they become steady on their feet.

We will work closely with Mum and Dad to coordinate the toilet training which generally occurs whilst your child attends this group.

In the Toddler room we introduce more structured learning opportunities. We explore their creative side through expanded arts and crafts activities, animated story telling, teach rhymes and songs etc.

We have more ‘ambitious’ playground equipment for them to try out and we continue to develop their independence (self exploration), their sense of self (e.g. dress up), social skills (e.g. caring and sharing) and communication skills (e.g. positive verbal engagement).

Your child’s vocabulary will improve and they will soon be able to form sentences. Their capacity for learning will impress and they will be able to formulate ideas and remember a great amount of information.

Your child’s nutritional needs will be met by regular nutritious meals and liquids. (Our dinners are prepared fresh each day by our in house chef).

The children in this group will generally take a nap after dinner. This is facilitated by way of mattresses placed on the floor in the Toddler room under direct supervision of the carer.

As in the Wobbler group, you will receive a comprehensive verbal account of the days care and developmental activities by reference to our various daily records.
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