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Magic Years is a family run business with strong local connections to our neighbourhood. We have successfully managed to develop our child care service over a 30 year period in a measured way using a hands on, child centred approach.

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Senior Wobbler Group

Magic Years provides a full time service for Wobblers from 15 months to 2 years on a part time or full time basis.

In no time your baby will be starting to walk and we will be discussing the possibilities with mum and dad about moving to the Wobbler room where your child will be expected to stay between 6 and 8 months.

During this time your child will learn how to walk properly and you will see a big improvement in his/her gross motor skills.

You will also see a big change in his/her speech as they learn to use words and build simple sentences.

They will be protected from hard falls by our specially designed soft floor and out door play surfaces.

They will have regular access to our central common ‘piazza’ and to our ourdoor area adjacent to their room.

They will have exposure to a range of various experiences, access to many objects of play and opportunities for exploration and learning. Some parts of their day will involve a structured learning environment using various educational resources, all orchestrated from a plan conceived and designed by our dedicated team at the beginning of each term .

Be assured that his/her nutritional needs will be adequately met by regular nutritious meals and liquids. (Our dinners are prepared fresh each day by our in house chef).

As in the nursery, you will receive a comprehensive verbal account of the days care and developmental activities by reference to our various daily records.
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