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Magic Years is a family run business with strong local connections to our neighbourhood. We have successfully managed to develop our child care service over a 30 year period in a measured way using a hands on, child centred approach.

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Montessori Group

Magic Years provides a full time and part time services for Montessori children ranging in ages from 3+ year to 5 years.

We have ‘lofty’ ambitions for children in this group.!

Marie Montessori forms the backbone curriculum for the children.They will grasp the fundamentals of mathematics, reading and writing.They will be introduced to other languages, expand their vocabulary and social skills, develop their ability to reason and think for themselves.Their ‘personalities’ will become more pronounced .

Teachers reflect on each child’s development and endeavour to work on areas that might need special attention.

Your child’s nutritional needs will be met by regular nutritious meals and liquids. (Our dinners are prepared fresh each day by our in house chef).

Children don’t generally take a nap if they are staying on the premises for the full day, but we do offer quiet zones within the room for children to rest or just to be left alone if desired.

Ample exercise is needed at this time for a healthy mind and body. We encourage regular use of our splendid outdoor facilities where we use interesting and safe outdoor play equipment and resources.

As in the Toddler group, you will receive a comprehensive verbal account of the days care and developmental activities by reference to our various daily records.
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